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International Conference

Telecollaboration in University

Foreign Language Education

University of León, Spain

12-14 February 2014


Telecollaboration or Online Intercultural Exchange (OIE) engages groups of students in virtual intercultural interaction and exchange with partner classes in geographically distant locations. More and more universities are exploring how telecollaboration can support language learning, internationalisation and student mobility at their institutions.

Since October 2011, the INTENT project (Integrating Telecollaborative Networks into Foreign Language Higher Education) has carried out various activities in order to support the greater integration of telecollaborative exchange in university education. The project team have carried out a major study of telecollaboration in European universities, it has organised four regional workshops for new practitioners and it has developed – an online platform for university telecollaboration. Read more about the project and its activities here:

On 12-14 February 2014, the project team will organise a major international conference aimed at bring together educators, researchers, mobility coordinators and university management who are interested in further exploring the integration of online intercultural exchange projects at universities around the globe. The conference will offer participants the opportunity to present examples of good practice and research on the theme of university telecollaboration. They will also be invited to participate in interactive sessions where practitioners and policy makers can work together to produce a set of recommendations and strategies for the integration of telecollaboration in higher education.

Audience: The conference will be of interest to various groups:

  • Practitioners and researchers of telecollaborative exchange at university level
  • University educators interested in learning how to use telecollaboration in their classrooms
  • Mobility coordinators interested in learning how telecollaboration can be used to support and enhance physical mobility programmes
  • University management, including those responsible for internationalisation, virtual mobility and foreign language policy

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This conference is funded with support from the European Commission. The related project reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.